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11/13/11 OBX Marathon 2:38:40 1st
11/6/11 City of Oaks Marathon 2:33:50 2nd
10/9/11 Chicago Marathon 2:33:51 108th
10/1/11 Great American XC 5k 15:52 1st
9/17/11 Ovarian Cancer 5k 16:12 1st
9/4/11 Rock 'N Roll Half Marathon 1:13:40 33rd
8/27/11 Raleigh 8000 26:29 1st
8/6/11 Run for the Red 10k 35:19 2nd
6/18/11 Running of the Bulls 8k 25:20 3rd

news & media

November, 2010
Running Times TransRockies Run3 Article

In the December, 2010 issue of Running Times magazine, there's an article about the winner of the TransRockies Run3. I got a brief mention in the article (page 11) and was included in one of the photos that was used (page 12). To see the article (PDF version), click here.

August, 2010
Gore-Tex TransRockies Run3 Feature

After the awards ceremony on day two of the TransRockies Run3, I was interviewed by a PR guy working the race. Ironically, he also has the last name Surface. This was pretty weird as I've only met a handful of people who also have my last name that are not related to me. You can read the article here. However, as cool as it may sound, I did not play lacrosse in college (or ever for that matter). The University of Tulsa doesn't have a lacrosse team. I'm guessing that I referred to cross country as "cross" during the interview, and he just misheard me and thought I said "lacrosse."

June, 2010
A (Very) Little Bit of Airtime

If you happened to catch the replay of Ironman St. George on Universal Sports this month, you may (or may not) have noticed that I got 2.1 seconds of airtime during the marathon portion of the broadcast (I was the only dude dragging my body along the road in an actual pair of running shorts). Had I been on screen any longer than that, it's possible that Tim Surface Mania may have swept across the nation, and then I'd be dealing with Paparazzi and the producers of Dancing with the Stars knocking down my door. Thankfully, it appears I dodged a bullet this time...

May, 2010
Endurance Magazine Cover Story

In mid-March I was contacted by Endurance Magazine to be the subject of their May cover story, "Overcoming Tragedy Through Triathlon." It was an honor getting to share my story with Endurance readers and I'd like to thank Endurance Magazine for giving me this opportunity. To read the article (PDF version), click on the cover below.

Swim for Smiles Autograph Signing

On May 16th I was asked to join fellow Triangle Multisport coached pros Justin Park, Matthew Wisthoff and Stacey Richardson in signing autographs after the Swim For Smiles youth triathlon. I got a chance to sign copies of the May issue of Endurance Magazine as well as these nifty little postcard pictures coach Dave Williams had printed up for us (see below). Getting a chance to meet the kids that competed in the event and answer their questions was an extremely cool experience as I've never gotten to do anything like this before.

February, 2010
Timex Multisport Team

2010 will not only be my first year as a professional triathlete, but I will also be competing for the Timex Multisport Team. I got the opportunity to attend team camp at the Timex Performance Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey - headquarters and training facility of the New York Giants. The Timex Multisport Team is comprised of 50 athletes world-wide, both professional and amateur. Below is our team picture taken on the Giants' indoor practice field.

Additionally, I got to be part of the inaugural Team Timex World Indoor Football Championship game, which you can see highlights of here. I was part of the "red team" who went undefeated and won the championship game in overtime kicking extra points. I had several catches and a touchdown during the championship game, which you can see on the video. Although I came away from the game with a back injury, it was totally worth it!

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